Zain & Jenn Wedding Reception at DC Center in Omaha Nebraska

August 18, 2016

Jenn works at the pharmacy and Zain works at Bank of the West in Hy-Vee. It just so happened they were across from each other every day. Every day starts with the same quote “are you ready for another fun filled day?”

They decided to go out the night before thanksgiving and the rest is history. Zain says: “She is the person I dreamt about all his life… My dreams finally came true.”

Jenn says: “He is the missing piece to my puzzle which makes me whole! I love him with all my heart.” To celebrate their wedding, they gathered with friends and family in Omaha Nebraska at DC Center. I remember they kept repeating that they want the pictures to look like the other weddings and engagements I photographed. The beautiful slideshow they played at the reception is a proof that hiring a photographer was a very important decision for them.

Gerald Photo Video Omaha DC Center Wedding